Top 10 Tips For Preparing Food Safely

Use this 'cheat sheet' as a reminder of the simple things you can do in your commercial kitchen to ensure that the food you prepare is safe to eat.
Top 10 Tips For Preparing Food Safely
October 17, 2017

Many food poisoning outbreaks arise from a small incident - a food handler forgetting to wash their hands, food not being returned to the fridge after preparation, or a dirty cloth being used to wipe the edge of a plate.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that we need to consider most when preparing food. So we’ve prepared a quick ‘cheat sheet’ to help you ensure that you’re preparing food safely in your commercial kitchen.

Tip 1. Ensure all food handlers have had sufficient training so that they understand the principles of time and temperature control, personal hygiene and the risks involved with food preparation

Tip 2. Pay special attention to raw and potentially hazardous foods, and foods that may contain allergens. Use colour coded chopping boards and equipment to prepare hazardous foods separately

Tip 3. Prepare food in small batches to minimise the time spent in the Temperature Danger Zone

Tip 4. Refrigerate ingredients before preparation and return the ingredients to the refrigerator if your work is interrupted or you need to take a break

Tip 5. Return prepared food back to the refrigerator if it’s not to be cooked or served straightaway

Tip 6. Ensure cleaning and sanitising is performed frequently. Chopping boards, utensils, surfaces and other equipment should all be cleaned and sanitized before use and when changing the type of food being worked with

Tip 7. Keep soiled dishes away from clean dishes or food that is being prepared

Tip 8. Use utensils such as tongs to handle food instead of bare hands 

Tip 9. Keep cloths and towels used for cleaning separate to cloths and towels used for handling food

Tip 10. Only ever wash or thaw food in designated food preparation sinks - never in sinks which are used for hand washing or dishwashing

What other tips do you have for preparing food safely in your kitchen?