Put Your Food Safety Knowledge to the Test

Think you know everything there is to know about food safety? Take our online food safety quiz to find out.
Put Your Food Safety Knowledge to the Test
August 13, 2019

All employees in a food business must be trained in food safety; many are required to undergo advanced food safety training in order to become Food Safety Supervisors. 

Food Safety Supervisors manage overall food safety, but everyone who works in a food business must know and understand important food safety concepts, such as:

  • food contamination / food spoilage
  • food allergens and allergen management
  • cross-contamination
  • causes of food-borne illness
  • potentially hazardous foods / high-risk foods
  • time and temperature control

So how much do you really know about food safety?

The Australian Institute of Food Safety (AIFS) has created a quick, free food safety test comprised of questions from the AIFS Food Safety Supervisor course. Click here to take the online food safety test

If you're not happy with your final score, we can help. Contact the Australian Institute of Food Safety (AIFS)