Proper Food Storage

Many people do not think twice about placing foods in the refrigerator without the proper covering simply because they never considered the danger of improper food storage.
Proper Food Storage
August 17, 2012

If food is not stored properly, it can harbor bacteria which will be harmful to your health. Foods that have not been stored properly are not safe for consumption. Below is the information you need in order to properly store your food for the safety of your family.

Never Leave Food Out for More than Two Hours

When you have finished cooking, you should put the leftovers away as soon as possible. If the food is left out, it can reach what is called the danger temperature zone and bacteria can begin to grow. If at all possible, put leftovers away right away, but certainly do so within two hours of when they finished cooking.

Always Use Airtight Containers

When you are putting away food that has been opened or cooked, be sure your containers are airtight and always check the lids to ensure they are creating a proper seal. It is also a good idea to routinely inspect those containers. If they have cracks, scratches or damage to them, throw them out. Even a small crack can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Place Foods on the Proper Shelf

Always put ready to eat foods like fruits and vegetables above any raw meats you may have in the refrigerator. If you put those foods below the raw meats, you are risking the chance of juices dripping on foods, which can lead to dangerous food poisoning. The best practice is to put ready to eat foods on the top shelf and raw meats far away on the bottom shelf. Always ensure that raw meats are in sealed containers as well.

Keep Dry Goods Dry

Dry goods like rice, cornmeal, and flour need to be kept dry. When they become damp, they can become contaminated with fungus or mould. A good way to keep them dry and safe would be to place them in air tight containers or canisters. Ensure that all containers are truly air tight and undamaged before using them.

If you store foods properly, you should have no problem with contamination. Just remember that you need to keep raw meats away from other foods in the refrigerator. Always use air tight containers, and always check your containers for damage. With these simple practices, you can ensure the safety of foods you will be eating.