Practising Smart Food Safety with Eggs

Know what to look for when purchasing and eating eggs.
Practising Smart Food Safety with Eggs
January 19, 2013

Did you know that the egg is an extremely nutritious food? However, they can carry plenty of bacteria if you do not handle them properly. 

In fact, according to the American Egg Board: “For only 70 calories each, eggs are rich in nutrients. They contain, in varying amounts, almost every essential vitamin and mineral needed by humans as well as several other beneficial food components.” As you can imagine, including eggs in your diet is very beneficial. But you need to practise proper food safety when it comes to handling eggs for the benefit of you and your family.

In the Store

When you buy eggs, there are a few things you need to look for so that you can choose carefully. Here are some tips when buying the product:

  • Open the carton and look at the eggs. They should not be cracked, stained, or dirty
  • Always buy eggs in a carton, not from a bulk “self-serve” stand
  • Choose smaller eggs. The larger the egg, the thinner the shell and the more prone to cracking

When you take the eggs home, you still need to continue practising safety precautions so that they can remain delicious and nutritious without being dangerous.

At Home

Here are some tips for keeping and storing the eggs once you bring them home from the store:

  • Keep eggs in the refrigerator so that they can last longer
  • Keep eggs in the carton so that you will not miss the “best before” date
  • After handling eggs, always wash your hands, counters, and any work areas that the raw eggs touched
  • Anytime you cook with eggs, make sure you cook the foods thoroughly

The elderly, children and pregnant women should never eat raw eggs because the bacteria can be quite dangerous. Make sure you only serve foods that are cooked thoroughly.

If you handle eggs properly, they can be safe and they are very healthy and nutritious. Make sure you include them in your diet but include them in a safe way.