Local Fruit Is the Best Option

Apple and Pear Australia is an initiative that supports the local growing of these products instead of consumers choosing to purchase imported items.
Local Fruit Is the Best Option
May 23, 2013

Consumers do have a choice when they visit the supermarket and they can pick locally grown produce if they would like. 

It can be very easy to pick up imported items when they are equally available. However, there are very good reasons why any consumer should choose locally grown produce of any type.

Food Production And Handling Standards

Australia and New Zealand have some of the strictest standards and codes surrounding all food production and handling. Anyone who chooses to own apple or pear orchards will be required to adhere to these strict codes. In fact, they will also be required to properly train all their employees to ensure they fully understand food safety laws. Under most circumstances, they will be required to have food safety supervisors on staff. This will ensure every item that reaches the supermarket shelves will be safe for human consumption.

Apples, pears, and other fruits that are imported may not be as safe. While other countries may have food safety laws, they likely won't be as strict as the standards put forth in Australia. When consumers pick up that imported apple, they don’t have the same guarantees on their food. They won't know for certain that the fruits are completely safe for consumption.

Strict Food Safety Laws 

Often, consumers don't consider just how safe their foods may be. They assume that if items are available in the supermarket, then the food is safe. However, this is not necessarily true. Instead, there could be hidden dangers or problems with the quality of the items if they are imported from other countries. Consumers can rest assured that any items they purchase locally will have to adhere to the strict food safety laws in Australia.

One big problem is that imported apples and other fruits are usually much cheaper than locally grown items. Because of this, many consumers, in an attempt to save money, will reach for the imported produce only. However, to ensure safety, and to support local farmers, it's important for more consumers to pay a little extra for Australia grown apples, pears, and other fruits. Some smaller supermarket chains are even making the choice to only stock local fruits and vegetables in their inventory. This could become more popular if more grocery stores make the same decision. Consumers should be aware of the foods they are choosing to eat and keep in mind that not all countries have strict food safety laws.