Food Safety Supervisor Requirements in QLD

All licensable food businesses in Queensland must appoint a Food Safety Supervisor to help maintain food safety and hygiene standards.
Food Safety Supervisor Requirements in QLD
September 4, 2019

Under the Food Act 2006 (the Act), all licensable food businesses in Queensland must employ a Food Safety Supervisor to take a lead role in managing food safety in the business.

Some non-profit organisations or food businesses that only sell packaged or low-risk foods, such as soft drinks, biscuits or cakes, may be exempt from this requirement; however, businesses that prepare or sell potentially hazardous foods (also called high-risk foods), must nominate a Food Safety Supervisor.

The local government for the area where a food business is located can provide further guidance on licensing requirements.

Food Safety Supervisor responsibilities

Food Safety Supervisors are responsible for overseeing the overall food safety standards and practices in a food business. As part of their job, the Food Safety Supervisor should:

  • know how to recognise, prevent and alleviate food safety hazards associated with food handling in the business
  • have the authority to supervise and give directions about matters relating to food safety to persons who handle food in the food business
  • have a Statement of Attainment that shows they have the required units of competency (UOCs) from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), such as the Australian Institute of Food Safety

Why is a Food Safety Supervisor important?

Food allergies are on the rise in Australia, and food-borne illness continues to affect millions of Australians each year. Productivity loss, individual pain and suffering and medical costs create an unfair burden for the entire country.

Food Safety Supervisors — who have the experience and expertise required to supervise and provide guidance about safe food handling practices to everyone in the business — help to improve food safety and hygiene standards and reduce potential health risks.

A Food Safety Supervisor also acts as an important point of contact for both the local government and Food Handlers in the business.

Food Safety Supervisor training requirements in QLD

The Act states that Food Safety Supervisors in Queensland should complete an accredited Food Safety Supervisor course specific to their industry (“sector”). Food Safety Supervisors who have successfully completed sector-specific training will be provided with a Statement of Attainment stating the units of competency for the training they completed.

A Statement of Attainment from an RTO may be issued to a person following successful completion of a training course, or successful demonstration to the RTO that the person has existing skills, experience or training to meet the national competencies.

Food sectors and units of competency 

Food Safety Supervisor training differs from sector to sector; different food sectors require different units of competency. There are five recognised food sectors in Australia:

  1. Hospitality
  2. Retail
  3. Food Processing
  4. Health & Community
  5. Transport & Distribution

Queensland recognises the national units of competency specific to each food sector.

Find out what units of competency you need to become a Food Safety Supervisor in your food sector. 

How to nominate a Food Safety Supervisor in QLD

A licensee for a new food business must notify the local government within 30 days of the issue of their licence to provide:

  • the name of their Food Safety Supervisor
  • contact details of their Food Safety Supervisor

A licensee for an existing food business must, within 14 days, notify the local government:

  • of a change in a Food Safety Supervisor’s contact details
  • if a person stops being a Food Safety Supervisor
  • of the name and contact details of a new Food Safety Supervisor

Each local government has their own form or process for receiving notifications about Food Safety Supervisors. Food business licensees should contact their local government for further information.

Search the Queensland Local Government Directory to find contact details for all councils in Queensland.

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