Food Safety Supervisor Requirements in ACT

All registered food businesses in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) are required to have at least one Food Safety Supervisor.
Food Safety Supervisor Requirements in ACT
June 30, 2016

All registered food businesses in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) must appoint at least one Food Safety Supervisor to reduce food-borne illness and other health risks that could occur because of improper food handling.

Food Safety Supervisor responsibilities

Food Safety Supervisors supervise and guide employees in safe food handling practices and identify food safety hazards in the workplace to achieve and maintain acceptable food safety and hygiene standards.

Anyone associated with the handling of food in a food business may become a Food Safety Supervisor in ACT, from business owners to kitchen hands. However, they must have completed a nationally recognised Food Safety Supervisor course from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), such as the Australian Institute of Food Safety.

Food Safety Supervisor training requirements in ACT

Food Safety Supervisors in ACT must complete an accredited Food Safety Supervisor course specific to their industry (“sector”). Upon successful completion of the course, students are issued a Statement of Attainment (SOA) listing the units of competency they have obtained. Their SOA must be kept on the premises to show to Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) upon request.

Food sectors and units of competency 

Food Safety Supervisor training differs from sector to sector; different food sectors require different units of competency. There are five recognised food sectors in Australia:

  1. Hospitality
  2. Retail
  3. Food Processing
  4. Health & Community
  5. Transport & Distribution

The ACT recognises the national units of competency specific to each food sector.

Find out what units of competency you need to become a Food Safety Supervisor in your food sector. 

Statements of Attainment

Statements of Attainment obtained from nationally recognised food safety training courses are valid for up to five years in ACT. 

A Food Safety Supervisor whose SOA has expired needs to complete the Food Safety Supervisor course again. 

Food businesses have 30 working days from the date of expiry to ensure the appointed Food Safety Supervisor renews their training and obtains new Food Safety Supervisor certification.

How to nominate a Food Safety Supervisor in ACT

After appointing a Food Safety Supervisor, food businesses in ACT must notify the ACT Health Protection Service. A Food Safety Supervisor Notification Form is available on the ACT Government Health website, which can be posted, faxed or emailed to the department.

It is not necessary to submit each Food Safety Supervisor’s Statement of Attainment to the Health Protection Service, but these must be available at the business premises should Environmental Health Officers request them.

New food businesses must notify the Health Protection Service of every appointment of a Food Safety Supervisor within seven days of business registration. Businesses should also notify the department of any changes to the contact details of each Food Safety Supervisor. Penalties may apply to businesses that fail to notify the department.

Food businesses in ACT must ensure that their appointed Food Safety Supervisor(s) completes the training every five years.