Four Bacteria Breeding Grounds Right in Your Home

From your toothbrush to the kitchen sink - keep yourself safe.
Four Bacteria Breeding Grounds Right in Your Home
January 10, 2013

You may spend a great deal of time ensuring that your home is clean, but that does not mean there are no bacteria breeding grounds just waiting to make you and your family ill. 

Of course, you would assume that these problem areas would be found mostly in the kitchen, and there are plenty of concerns where you prepare food, but that is not the only place where bacteria may be breeding unbeknownst to you. Here are five different bacteria breeding grounds that you need to know about:

The Sink in the Kitchen

You probably clean your counters quite well, but it can be easy to neglect a sink since it can look clean with just a rinse down. In fact, the kitchen sink holds more bacteria than the toilet bowl (which has 3.2 million bacteria microbes all on its own). When you think about that, you know how important it is to keep that sink clean.

The Toothbrush

You could be thinking that your toothbrush is clean since it gets used with toothpaste daily. However, it is also a secret bacteria breeding ground. There are tens of thousands of bacteria on your toothbrush at any given time. It is vital to replace your toothbrush when you see signs of wear to avoid the bacteria problem.

The Refrigerator Shelves

Your shelves may look clean, but that does not mean they are not hiding bacteria. In fact, if you put raw foods in containers on those shelves, there is always a chance those containers will leak even a small amount. Even a small leak from raw chicken can equal thousands of bacteria.

Your Mobile Phone

You tend to lay your mobile phone down on all sorts of surfaces, like a contaminated kitchen counter, a table at a restaurant, and sometimes even the floor. There are millions of bacteria on that phone that you hold so close to your face and mouth!

When you know where bacteria are hiding in your home, you should be sure to keep those objects and surfaces cleaner.